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Answering many of your landscaping questions about watering, when and how deep you need to water. What about landscape cloth? Is it worth using to stop weeds?

Perry Brätt, Founder at Stratton and Brätt talks about Water Conservation

Answering many of your landscaping questions about watering, when and how deep you need to water. What about landscape cloth? Is it worth using to stop weeds?

Elite Grounds, LC Joins the Stratton & Brätt Family of Companies

Stratton & Brätt, the largest, longest serving privately owned Utah landscaper, celebrates increasing growth and jobs from southern Idaho to St. George, Utah. To meet demand for ongoing landscape maintenance the company recently merged operations with Elite Grounds, LC. Both companies are headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Elite Grounds will handle all commercial and residential property maintenance while Stratton and Brätt focuses on design and building stunning commercial and residential landscapes.

The Taylor Family Mini-Farm Project

The “major’s mini-farm,” as the family calls it, was his love. However his day had gone at City Hall, Brent Taylor liked to come home and dive into farm work with his kids, his widow said. She calls the place a metaphor for the family’s life without him. Thursday began a transformation as donors, led by one of the region’s largest landscaping firms, Stratton & Brätt Landscapes, launched a three-day overhaul of the farm to bring it back to working life and make it easier to maintain.

Healthy Soil is the foundation of a stunning landscape: Here’s how to keep it that way.

Smart soil care is every bit as important as the wise use of every other resource on the planet. Following these simple tips in the way landscapes are thought about can go a long way to producing beautiful projects with beautiful, healthy soil underneath.

Lasting Memories Start in Utah’s Own Backyards

Trampolines weren’t the only things sold out. “When families found out this last summer that they couldn’t rely on public pools for fun, we had a huge increase in pool installation requests,” he said. “And really, why not? With a pool or pickleball court in your own backyard, you can swim and play safely anytime of the year, avoid crowded courts and rec centers, and create those memories with your children or grandchildren.”

Beyond Gravel and Succulents: Four Ways to Incorporate Xeriscaping Without Giving up a Beautiful Landscape

Xeriscaping is often thought of as a sparse landscape with few to zero plants— but xeriscaping is about so much more than
sparse planting and an overabundance of rocks. There is no official water use threshold that defines when a landscape
becomes a true xeriscape project. The spirit of this kind of landscape design is to limit the impact of an outdoor space on its surrounding environment.

New Pool Safety Device Prevents Potentially Fatal Chemical Leaks

This is the only system, we know of that maintains safety and stops chemicals being pushed out into the pools putting swimmers at risk for a potentially lethal event. We’ve solved that problem.

Sowing interest in landscaping careers

Stratton and Bratt is working with local universities to build programs to fit the needs of recent graduates. Attempting to show the need for workers in landscaping while also showing the possibilities. The goal is to open people’s eyes to the growth opportunities available right in their own backyard, possibly literally and figuratively.

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