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Perry Brätt, Founder at Stratton and Brätt talks about Water Conservation

aired on Park City TV

Perry Brätt is a founder of Stratton and Brätt—the largest, longest serving privately owned landscaping family in Utah. For more than five decades, the Stratton and Brätt brothers have been creating beautiful landscapes to spec and on budget. Under Perry’s leadership, the company has completed a myriad of high-profile projects, including several major projects in Utah such as the Red Butte Gardens, Thanksgiving Point and religious edifices in Mexico and Haiti. Brätt holds a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a general contractor and engineer license. He also serves as the president of the board for the Child’s Hope Foundation—a non-profit organization dedicated to “Lifting Orphans from Surviving to Thriving.”

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The Taylor Family Mini-Farm Project

Battered by the “weeds of life,” his widow and
children are happy to see his dreams again take root.

If stress, suffering and grief grew like noxious weeds, Jennie Taylor said her unkempt little farm in North Ogden could be a picture of 2020. That overgrown lot has also reminded her daily that her husband, former North Ogden Mayor Brent Russell Taylor, is gone, killed in 2018 while on Army National Guard duty in Afghanistan. Those 5-foot weeds showed somehow that she and her seven children, ages 3 to 15, were unable to keep up, too overwhelmed since his death to nurture one of Taylor’s dreams – that the small farm might teach the value of quiet hard work with an eye on posterity. Now it has become emblematic of the coronavirus pandemic, too.

“I thought my life turned upside down in 2018, when my husband was killed and now the entire world is upside down,” she said this week. “It’s been so eye opening. But weeds are what life is full of sometimes, right? You try so hard to plant and cultivate, and then you turn around and some kind of pest has taken over.”

Thursday began a transformation as donors, led by one of the region’s largest landscaping firms, Stratton & Brätt Landscapes, launched a three-day overhaul of the farm to bring it back to working life and make it easier to maintain. The “major’s mini-farm,” as the family calls it, was his love. However his day had gone at City Hall, Brent Taylor liked to come home and dive into farm work with his kids, his widow said. She calls the place a metaphor for the family’s life without him.

Volunteers Help Fulfill Dream Of Former North Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor

Prior to his death in 2018, then-North Ogden Mayor and Utah National Guard Maj. Brent Taylor wanted to use his “mini-farm” to help teach his children lessons about life.

Two years after he was killed in Afghanistan, preserving the space has proven to be trying for his widow, Jennie Taylor.

“It’s been really overwhelming in the three seasons that he’s been gone to try to keep up on it and water it and weed it,” Taylor said. “Getting little kids to work in the farm is a lot of work.”

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New Pool Safety Device Prevents Potentially Fatal Chemical Leaks

Developed by Stratton & Brätt, the secondary safety device meets new state code requiring them.

The change in code comes after a number of instances where certain pool’s primary safety systems malfunctioned, causing chlorine and hydrochloric acid to mix together.

The chlorine and hydrochloric acid that are normally used to maintain pH levels and disinfect the pool were both fed into the circulation line that was not moving during daily maintenance to the system. When the power was turned back on, the system pushed the chemicals out into the pool where people were swimming, which created mustard gas.

Two of those instances occurred in Utah County, sending patrons to the hospital. Both were attributed to mechanical failure within the pool’s system.

We created a solution

No matter what type of pool system is in use, the secondary safety system can be installed to the electrical side of things.

With over 3,000 public use pools that will have to be in compliance with the state code, Stratton and Brätt hopes to be the main supplier.

Parker added the system he helped to develop is the only one that he knows of. Stratton and Brätt officials felt as if they had a duty to the public to maintain their safety as well as a duty to the aquatic industry to help keep pools open.

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