by Zack Stratton, CEO, Stratton and Brätt

Your Endless Backyard Vacation Awaits

Spring was spent doing online school, summer was full of canceled vacations and family gatherings, and the fall season brought distanced Trick-or-Treating and empty football stadiums.

The pandemic presents an opportunity for us to focus on our families and the sanctuary that a home can be. A landscape that is both stunning and practical gives homeowners the chance to create a little slice of paradise among the chaos.

Our family firm, Stratton and Brätt, is the largest and longest serving privately owned landscaping company in the region, specializing in bringing landscapes to life. Our work includes the masterful scenery at several LDS temples around the world, stunning artscapes at Thanksgiving Point, the grounds for the new Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy, and many high-end residential homes along the Wasatch Front.

After the pandemic hit, all of us found out there were little options to family recreational activities; you can only hike your favorite trail only so many times. Aaron Brinkerhoff, our residential landscape manager at Stratton and Brätt, found his job incredibly busy.

Trampolines weren’t the only things sold out. “When families found out this last summer that they couldn’t rely on public pools for fun, we had a huge increase in pool installation requests,” he said. “And really, why not? With a pool or pickleball court in your own backyard, you can swim and play safely anytime of the year, avoid crowded courts and rec centers, and create those memories with your children or grandchildren.”

A backyard pool or splash pad can do just that. Families interested in installing a stunning aquatic feature should consider a few key things before signing a contract. Safety, quality and maintenance are important factors to research. Here’s the gist:


When most people think of a backyard pool, they picture a gorgeous oasis with laughing groups of family or friends. Or maybe a peaceful setting where they can relax with their favorite drink. Or both. A pool can definitely be those things, but it also needs to be safe. Every pool built in Utah must be fenced-in, either within the entire yard or just the pool itself. As an added layer of security where children and pets are involved, most customers opt for a sturdy cover. An alarm system is another great way to keep everyone safe and out of the pool without supervision.


A pool is a big investment, so it needs to be beautiful, functional, and long-lasting. No one wants to regret a lifechanging purchase like that. Look beyond just the initial price tag because reliable filtration systems, superior materials and installation practices are worth it in the long run. Unique features like a cleaning robot, a mobile app for heating and lighting control, a hot tub, a waterslide, fountains and even fire pits, make the pool owning experience practical and enjoyable for everyone.


Aquatic maintenance may sound overwhelming, but once a system is in place it really doesn’t have to be. Depending on budget and interest, there are several approaches to keeping a pool pristine and pleasant to swim in.

“Our pools come with several months of maintenance built in to the contract to help get you going, and that can be extended indefinitely to make it really simple for the owners,” Brinkerhoff says. Alternatively, do-it-yourself solutions are possible, although they take another precious resource: time. If neither of those plans is the right fit, Brinkerhoff says, “You can always install automation and a robot that will do a lot of that work for you!”

With features like full pool automation, controlled lighting for ambience, a splash deck for younger children or for lounging, and jetted options, your Stratton and Brätt pool is the envy of the neighborhood. Our company can even help design environmentally-friendly options that use salt water and clean energy to reduce the impact of the pool on the planet.

If you’re dreaming of swimming in your own backyard pool next summer, you’ll want to jump in now. Because of the high demand, pool installations are a few months out. Imagine your family’s smiles, on Christmas morning, when they see how much better summer 2021 is going to be, with their own endless swimming vacation.

Ready for your Endless Summer Vacation? Contact us and let’s get started!